Senryu (or erotic haiku)

the nude mannequin
in the dress shop window
... looks away

(Cor van den Heuvel)


Twilight Traveler said...

How nice that you reacted to my Secret Life of Puppets note & now I even find more puppets on your own blog. No doubt, we do have common interests...
I'll be posting more, if I can. Will be traveling through Germany, Israel, US, Mexico & Cuba over the next five weeks, so there should be inspiration enough.
Twilight Traveler

Percy said...

that picture reminds me of Helmut Newton..

The Dark Lady said...

Thanks for your visit TT, I responded on your page.
And Percy, you are right, I did not think of it, good observation, in fact I do remember now, Helmut Newton
does have some similar photographs.
Thanks for passing by.