Eroticism in Archery Photography and Art

By Charles Moffat - January 2015.

I find it fascinating how people like to combine erotic imagery with archery - usually with scantily clad or nude women, and rarely ever men in poses that look more like classic pin ups. Like the images below.

Pin up art is relatively tame by modern standards.

This piece is more about youthful athleticism then it is erotic.

This photograph is so tame she is even wearing fancy shoes.

Whereas this image looks like something out of "Mad Max".

Some images show a complete lack of archery knowledge.

A fancy dress and an expensive compound bow, it doesn't even match.

Again the lack of archery knowledge, this time for a fashion shoot.

In comparison these men look like that don't whether they are supposed to shoot the bow or stroke it. Penis envy?

Archery was in vogue back in the 1950s, and it was the rise of the male pin up model.

And last but not least this is a male model / bodybuilder from the 1950s/60s who often did nude poses of himself with archery equipment. He did so many nude archer poses it became known as his specialty.

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