Dream Flirting


I have just awoken from an interesting dream wherein I was flirting with my wife.

It was bizarre for multiple reasons.

#1. I am not married. I don't even know the woman in my dream.

#2. I have never flirted in a dream before. Clothes ripping sex, yes, but flirting? Nope!

Essentially I was visiting my wife at her office where she was working at hiring a new secretary. One of her secretary candidates was a real "go getter", willing to do almost anything to get the job - to the point that she sounded a bit insane.

After the secretaries all left my wife and I started talking about the different candidates, and then we started joking what-if I, her husband, were to become her male secretary.

"Oh but then I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of you," my wife joked.

I think I recall blushing in the dream.

"And think of all the running around we'd have to do, having sex on desks, in stationary closets, in the break room."

And that was really the extent of the dream. My wife (who doesn't exist) and I joking about hypothetical sex at the office, with her husband playing the role of male secretary.

Now I haven't had any aspirations previously to be someone else's secretary. Never even crossed my mind. I probably wouldn't be bad at it, I do know how to answer the phone, make appointments, type really fast... but it hasn't really been a career aspiration.

And it still isn't.

I am more interested in the part of the dream where I am married to a sexually imaginative and flirtatious woman who finds me so highly desirable that she can't keep her hands off me.

On the eroticism scale this dream wasn't even arousing, but it was highly thought provoking when I woke up this morning. (And thus my sudden urge to write about it.)

That is what makes it so unusual. It wasn't a dream about sex, it was a dream about flirting about sex.

The talking about sex was more interesting than the act.

Which begs the question, if talking about sex can be that interesting (in the same way that erotic novels are interesting), why aren't people making films wherein they just talk about sex - without actually showing anything explicit.

That would be a mind-blowing experiment in erotic film making, I admit.

It would be taking the concept of "less is more" to the extreme and letting viewers imagine all the naughty bits. A bit like how lingerie is more provocative than no clothes at all, because it leaves everything to the imagination.

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