Pleasure & Gentle Pain

By Charles Moffat, Canadian Poet.

I push you against the wall, ripping your shirt open
You push me back, your hands tugging at mine
Our kisses are fast, unrelenting and turn into bites

We hit the ground in a tumble of clothing
I struggle to get on top of you, to find my way inside you
I succeed, but you grab me and wrestle me to one side

I grab your breasts mercilessly, no time for caution
Everything we do is pleasurable, mixed with gentle pain
We thrash about like dueling animals, a melee of skin, nails and lips

Near the end our thrashing stops and we fall into a rhythm
But our grunts are no less animalistic
We sound like two savage beasts, panting from our exertions

At long last we collapse in defeat
Our bodies are mashed together, our muscles weak from fighting
At long last we are gentle and content, our kisses tender and loving

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