When you touch me

Poetry by Charles Moffat - February 2010.

When you touch me
I feel the temperature change
When I touch you
I feel your heart quicken

When we are together
We abandon loneliness and doubt
We forget time and lose ourselves in sensual flesh

When we aren't together
Our minds wander to each other
We lose ourselves in lustful daydreams

When we come together again
Our joy overflows as we surrender to pleasure
Our flesh joined as we become one

Our time together is fleeting
But in those moments we find passion and meaning
We are more our true selves
We release our energies into each other

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1 comment:

P K Padhy said...

Very sensual creation with metaphors.
We abandon loneliness, we release our energies to each other- reflect poetic exquisite.

P K Padhy, India