Even long after my death

Even long after my death
Long after your death
I want to torture you.
I want the thought of me
to coil around your body like a serpent of fire
without burning you.

I want to see you lost, asphyxiated, wander
in the murky haze
woven by my desires.

For you, I want long sleepless nights
filled with the roaring tom-tom of storms
Far away, invisible, unknown
Then, I want the nostalgia of my presence
to paralyse you.

Maria Martins

Campanha, Brazil 1894-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1973
From the book: Surrealist Love Poems 2001
Edited by: Mary Ann Caws


Beatrice V said...

Inspired post Pamela, I love this poem, though it is the first time I come across this poet. Beautiful.

mysticgmekeepr said...

That is quite exquisite, and very sensual. I think most of us have felt the fingers of that moment grip us with the intensity of their longing.

siddharth said...

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Pamela A. Babusci said...

dear siddharth,

i checked out one of your blogs, i just love Tagore.
your e-mail didn't work.
thank you for your kind comments.