The Role of Kama Sutra in a Relationship

By Charles Moffat - 2008.

In our youth the schooling system tries to explain how sex works, the anatomy of the body and the importance of using protection such as condoms/the Pill. But there is no time scheduled to discuss the actual mechanisms of sex, foreplay, positions or even matters of romance.

So instead we get our information from "more experienced" friends, from the mass media, from books, movies, etc. and eventually, without really discussing it in depth we develop a methodology with regards to how to be romantic, how to flirt, how to conduct foreplay and even what to do during sex.

Now here's a personal pet peeve. Ever watched a movie and the guy drives his date up to a makeout place above the city where they can view the city (and maybe the stars)? Its a 1950s stereotype of what people thought was romantic. And its completely lame. It lacks creativity and tells your date that you have no imagination whatsoever.

So if that is what the guy thinks is romantic, what does he think is good foreplay or good sex? The missionary position? Again, no imagination.

This is where Kama Sutra comes in... either Vatsayayana's Kama Sutra or a more modern version like the Penthouse video. Or you could learn a thing or two just from looking at Kama Sutra art.

Vatsayayana's Kama Sutra doesn't just focus on sex, its also a complete guide to attracting a mate, courtship, betrothal, marriage, spicing up your marriage, cheating/affairs and how to be romantic. For example there's even a section on how to plant a garden designed to entice your senses and spark your sense of romance.

The Indian tradition believes that every aspect of human life is governed by one or more of the following motives:

1). Dharma: Virtuous living.
2). Artha: Material prosperity.
3). Kama: Gratification of the senses.
4). Moksha: Liberation.

So Kama Sutra isn't just about relationships, its about enjoying yourself through your senses. You can't learn that in school.


Cynthia said...

Very interesting, I didn't realize
the Kama Sutra covered so much,
about married life or partnered
life or life in general.

Princess Haiku said...

I wish you would keep this going although your archives are links are a nice resource.

goatman said...

So what is the poor unenlightened guy in the movie to do to achieve privacy? A trip to the woods?--that would go over well!
But you state a good point. There was, when I was young, and is now little in the way of helpful instruction in the areas of romance for the kids. But still the population seems to increase . . .