Tonight the Moon

tonight the moon
is devoid of lovers
to view it & fall in love
with it's pure
white moonbeams

and, i am lost in a
past reverie, lost in a
hurricane of kisses
like a beggar craving
longing starving
for violet intimacy
for blue dangling
love juices

i go down to the river
of pastel passions
flowing with the current
flowing against the current
i ride the rapids
like an expert who
never falls off

i see him on the riverbank
waving his hands
begging me to swim ashore
he wants to enter me
like a vagabond
in the silent, ebony night
without thought
without guilt

yet, no matter
how far & how hard
i swim, i can never
capture him
overlap him
on the shoreline of
our stellar bodies
i am left naked & exposed
on the sea of unrequited love

Pamela A. Babusci 10/12/08


wordcrafter said...

lovely to have you back Pamela, with those passionate outpourings!

Princess Haiku said...

I like this!

Percy said...


and the full moon was out last night too!!!

i really like the last line.. naked and exposed on the sea of unrequited love...
wow.. erotic, exotic

Cynthia said...

Oh, so beautiful, love beckoning
and trying to capture this desire
within, is so hard.